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Chapter 91: Col. Randall Larsen


Colonel Randall Larsen is a retired US Air Force Colonel and is the national security advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and a senior fellow at the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University.

He formerly served as a professor and department chair at the National War College, the founding director of the Institute for Homeland Security, the executive director of the bipartisan Congressional Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism.

The world seems a fragile place in 2017, political tensions are aired on the news, and twitter, everyday. There is no longer a balance of Superpowers, and attacks from small groups or individuals have become more frequent. So what if one of these attacks was carried out, but instead of guns or explosives, the weapon of choice was a biological weapon designed to infect as many people as possible? Is it a real threat or is it just a conspiracy - has anyone tried to do it before or will nature throw something at us before anyone can weaponise a disease? These are just some of the things Randy was able to tell us about. 

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Chapter 90: PJ Gallagher


This week the lads are joined by one of Ireland's greatest messers, PJ Gallagher. 

PJ came to a lot of people's attention over 10 years ago thanks to his part on the much loved "Naked Camera" tv show. Since then he's gone on to be one of Ireland's favourite comedians and continues to be a leading light in the entertainment industry. 

From gicknas to manscaping, a pitbull named Sharon and how passionate is Damien Dempsey?, PJ had Mero & Danny sweatting with the laughter. 

You can hear PJ every weekday morning on 4fm from 6-10 as he hosts the breakfast show alongside Jim McCabe, he is also hosts the hilarious "Dubland" Podcast with Suzanne Kane which is available on iTunes now. 

His new tour "Dickhead" kicks off April 28th in Sligo with dates around Ireland to follow, follow @PJGallagher on twitter for full listings. 

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Chapter 89: Mood Swings


This week the lads go from being jovial and happy, to angry and ranty, to having a full blown deep and meaningful conversation like a couple of teenage girls at a sleep over. 

The state of the nation has angered both the lads, the Tuam Mother & Baby home, Grace, and the treatment of Sgt. Maurice McCabe are just some of the issues that are plaguing Ireland right now. The lads question the motives of the Catholic Church and ask why are people continuing to baptise their children into a religion they don't believe in? 

Mero leads Danny into a deep and meaningful conversation he was not expecting and there is way too much singing. 


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Chapter 88: Emmet Kirwan


This week the lads are joined by one of Ireland's modern treasures. Emmet Kirwan recently captured the hearts and minds of Ireland with his incredible poem "Heartbreak". The video that accompanied the poem has been viewed over 1.3 million times and has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook alone.

As one of the nation's most recognisable voices, Emmet has continually produced work that connects with the audience and evokes both emotion and thought. His work on the RTE series "Sarah and Steve", his performance of the poem "Just Saying", and most recently his award winning play "Dublin Old School" have all received highly positive reviews.
Ireland has produced some incredible artists throughout history, it was a pleasure speaking to one of the modern greats on this week's podcast.

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