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Chapter 25: Christmas Special


Tis the season!!! This week on WTSpod we decided to try and be festive and spread a bit of Christmas cheer. Varying degrees of success applied and the lads managed to surprise a few people with their call while others were not so happy to receive a Christmas call from WTSpod HQ! 

On top of the calls, Mero reveals he was spoilt as child at Christmas, Danny defends Neil Diamond and Lindsey gets all posh with her food likes. There's Die Hard, Home Alone, Love Actually, singing and messing throughout as we get into the Christmas Spirit. 
There's also the small matter of Sprouts v Spice Bag... 
To all our supporters and guests, Thank you for an incredible 2015, Have a fantastic Christmas and we'll see you all in 2016. 

Chapter 24: Paul “RUA” Gleeson, What’s the Story?


Paul Gleeson is an Irish illusionist, magician, escapology expert and deception artist. Under the stage name of Rua, He has featured on RTE, BBC and had is own show on TG4. 

Paul told us all about how he got involved in the world of magic and deception at the age of 18. Following a freak accident at a friend's party which resulted in third degree burns, he was given a book of card tricks as a joke. The joke led to an obsession with magic and illusions which in turn led to the birth of Rua. 
From his first gig to being backed from an unlikely source, Rua has fast become one of the premier illusionists on the island of Ireland. Besides absolutely blowing the minds of Danny and Mero, Rua also calls bullshit on psychics and talks about their techniques being no different to same ones he uses. Of course there is the small matter then of making the lads look like dopes as Rua shows off his skills with some mind reading and card tricks to leave us all speechless. Paul also tells us about his interesting thesis topic and gives us a little history lesson on the great Houdini. 
All of this and of course we react to Conor McGregor becoming the King of the featherweight division. 
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If you want to see more of Rua you can check out http://iamrua.com/

Chapter 194: Chael Sonnen, What’s the Story? (Bonus UFC 194 edition)


UFC 194 will see the biggest fight in the history of the UFC Featherweight division featuring the unstoppable Jose Aldo and the unmissable Conor McGregor. With a fight this big we figured we need a big guest, and they don't get much bigger than The American Gangster, Chael Sonnen. 

Chael Sonnen was one of the biggest draws in the history of MMA. His rivalry with Anderson Silva helped to create a legend and cemented Chael's place as "the peoples' champion." A regular analyst with ESPN's MMA coverage, Chael's breakdown of fights and unique perspective have made sure that his transition from life inside the octagon to life outside the octagon has been just as captivating for audiences. 
A man who is no stranger to controversy and at one point had the entire nation of Brasil out to get him, Chael Sonnen has never backed down from speaking his mind and calling it as he sees it, and that's exactly what went down when we spoke to him. 
The former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger joined us to discuss UFC 194 and give us his thoughts on the biggest fight card of the year. We also talked to Chael about his own podcast (You're Welcome - available on iTunes) and how that started. We hear about his involvement with pro wrestling and we hear a little about his plans for the holiday season. 
On top of this the lads have their usual bit of messing and laughing, Danny breaks into song, Lindsey hates Harry Potter and Mero is over Rocky. We talk Geek Ireland and the 2015 Geekies and reveal who we'll have on WTSpod next week. 

Chapter 23: Suicide or Survive, What’s the Story?


Suicide or Survive (SoS) is an Irish charity which endeavours to challenge the stigma attached to mental illness. The founder and CEO of SoS joined us this week to tell us about the work of the charity and share her own story. 

Caroline McGuigan is a qualified psychotherapist who has battled with anxiety and depression for decades. She told us about how she survived her own attempt at suicide and after going through the system within Ireland for help,she was left frustrated with the help that was there. 
Channelling her frustration into productivity, Caroline went to Trinity College Dublin to study psychotherapy and at her own kitchen table started laying the foundations for what would become Suicide or Survive. A deeply personal and touching story, Caroline was very open and frank about her own struggles with depression and anxiety and the impact they have had on loved ones, even her own children. 
Caroline and her team at Suicide or Survive are leading the charge in removing the stigmas around suicide and mental health and replacing them with an unwavering respect for everyone's mental health. Danny, Mero & Lindsey are all delighted to be a part of this process and hope that this chapter of What's the Story? plays even the smallest part in helping to remove those stigmas.
Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression affect one in four people in the world. A 2013 study by the Royal College of Surgeons found that over 50% of Irish youths suffer from mental health issues by the age of 24. If there is one message WTSpod wants our friends and supporters to hear it is that it is okay to be not okay. 
If you, or anyone you know, is affected by the issues discussed in this podcast or would like to seek help we would strongly encourage you to go to www.suicideorsurvive.ie or www.yourmentalhealth.ie - alternatively you can contact any of the WTSpod team in confidence and we'll help.   
Samaritans 24hr free helpline: 116 123 
SOS helpline: 1890 577 577