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July 15, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

WTS 107: Damian Darker


Damian Darker is an Elite Martial Arts athlete, a professional kickboxer, a personal trainer, an all round gent and of course, a Borough legend. 

Besides just having the craic we spoke to Damo about his highlight reel knockout which went viral and put his name on everyone's lips in Irish K1. Damo talks about turning professional in Ireland, the difficulty in finding opponents and even when he does find them, the difficulty in finding one who treats the sport professionally. 

We hear about his new business venture, The Lab, which he runs with with BJJ ace, Austin Rhatigan, and a name that will be familiar to longtime listeners of WTSpod - Lindsey "Danger" Doyle. 

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July 8, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

WTS 106 - Al Foran


This week the lads set up camp in Ballybrack's Igo Inn and welcomed back one of their favourite guests, Al Foran. 

It's been an incredible year for Al which has seen his stock rise internationally with his videos racking up millions of views, and a memorable encounter with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. 

Al's impressions have earned him a massive following and he brought them to table when he sat down with us, including Gordon Ramsay, President Trump, Jeff Stelling, Wayne Rooney, Tyson Furey and of course The Notorious Conor McGregor. 

Later this year Al will be hitting the stage with his brand new one man show, be sure to follow him on Facebook to keep up to date. www.facebook.com/alforancomedy 

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July 1, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

WTS 105 - Colm Hayes


Colm Hayes is an award winning broadcaster and mental health advocate. He was recently announced as the new Programme Director for Radio Nova and has been involved in Irish radio since the 1980s.

Colm is regarded as one of the thought leaders in Irish Broadcasting, his work with FM104, particularly with the Strawberry Alarm Clock, established them as Dublin's leading radio station. Colm has also enjoyed success with the national broadcaster, RTE. 

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June 24, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

WTS 104: Dr Cara Augustenborg


This week the lads reunite with their favourite climate scientist, Dr. Cara Augustenborg. 

The Paris Agreement was thrust into the world's attention recently when President Trump announced the United States would be exiting the agreement. So the lads asked someone who actually knows something to come in and tell us what's what. Cara first joined the lads last year and now, nearly a year on she's come back to continue her efforts in trying to educate two clowns from the borough. From coffee being in danger to islands going under water and trying to capture carbon, Cara took the lads on whirlwind tour of climate and what we could all do to help. 

You can hear more from Cara at her website, www.caraaugustenborg.com 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 


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June 17, 2017 @ 8:20 pm

WTS 103: Dil Wickremasinghe


Dil Wickremasinghe is a broadcaster, journalist. mental health advocate and campaigner for social justice. She hosts "Global Village" on Newstalk Radio and is a regular contributor to national TV and press. She has actively contributed to seeking equality for the LGBTQ communities in Ireland and as it is Pride week in Dublin, you'll hear why Dublin Pride has a significant meaning to Dil. 

Dil's story is one of incredible pain and amazing healing. From the coldness of a family break up in Sri Lanka, to the warmth of the 2015 Marriage Referendum here in Ireland, Dil's journey has been long and her courage unquestionable. 

in 2011 Dil and her partner, Ann Marie Toole, set up Insight Matters, which aims to provide affordable and inclusive psychotherapy and councelling. In 2015 they welcomed their first child and are expecting their second child this summer. 

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June 10, 2017 @ 7:28 pm

WTS 102 - Richard Kiely


This week the lads welcome current BAMMA welterweight contendor Richard Kiely to Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. 

With BAMMA 30 in Dublin's 3 Arena just a few weeks away, Richie came in and told the lads his plan to become the Bamma Welterweight Champion once he disposes of his BAMMA 30 opponent. 

A vetran Kickboxer and with multiple titles, Kiely transitioned to MMA under the watchful eye of Coach John Kavanagh and made his pro debut in December 2016, taking the fight by TKO with a vicious knee. 

You can follow Richie on the build up to his BAMMA 30 fight on Facebook - www.facebook.com/richardkielymma 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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June 3, 2017 @ 8:03 pm

WTS 101 - Ellen Coyne


Ellen Coyne is one of Ireland's brightest and best journalists. In a short space of time she has earned herself the respect of audiences and peers alike, as well providing investigative pieces that have shocked, angered and educated many. 

We we spoke to Ellen about Women's Rights in Ireland, the Repeal the 8th campaign, communicating with emojis, online dating and loads more besides.

Ellen currently writes for the Irish edition of The Times which is now available Monday - Saturday in print and online so you can have access to great content whatever way you want it. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpartick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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May 27, 2017 @ 8:54 pm

WTS100 - The live show in Aid of Suicide or Survive


To celebrate the 100th episode of WTSpod we had our first ever live show all in aid of Suicide or Survive. 

Recorded from a sold out Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, the lads were joined by Al Foran, Aisling Daly, Colm Hayes, Paul Howard, Steve Gunn and Caroline McGuigan for a live quiz that at times was beautiful mayhem. Thankfully, WTSpod special correspondent Gary Mackle was there to keep track of what was happening and provide motivational talks when needed... 

Thanks to the support of everyone who came on the night, The Natural Kitchen Dun Laoghaire, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Sound Works and all of the local businesses that supported the night we raised over €2500 euro that will go directly to SOS and the amazing work they do with Mental Health. 

(Thanks to Syncwood Studios who helped us recover audio in post production) 

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May 20, 2017 @ 8:30 pm

Chapter 99: Tom O’Mahony


Tom O'Mahony is one Ireland's busiest comedians. A regular in comedy clubs across the country, Tom has also been a regular across Irish TV with parts in Bridget & Eamon, Damo & Ivor, Republic of Telly and TV3's Uploaded Uncut. 

Tom is also familiar to the podcasting world with his own podcasts. The Tom & Gerry show which he records with fellow comedian and Waterford Whispers writer Gerry McBride, and his recently launched podcast, "Buckshot" which gives us a view of the world through the eyes of a rough neck Tipperary native with no time for bullshi*t. 

To see Tom live on a stage near you, go to https://www.facebook.com/TomBearComedy/ to see dates across Ireland. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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May 13, 2017 @ 8:48 pm

Chapter 98: Clelia Murphy


Clelia Murphy is a screenwriter, director, producer and actress. She is best known for her work on the RTE's flagship drama series, Fair City, where she plays the fiesty Naimh Cassidy. She is also due to star in the up coming comedy series "Nowhere Fast" alongside her daughter Clarabelle and Alisson Spittle. 

On top of being one of Ireland's most recognised TV stars, Clelia also happens to be Mero's soap crush and well able to put the two lads in their place for the duration of this chapter... not even Mero's Aunty Mary was safe... 

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May 6, 2017 @ 8:24 pm

Chapter 97: Cian Cowley


Cian Cowley is one of the Borough's most well known talents. Still in his 20's and considered a Muay Thai vetran, Cian has moved into the world of MMA where last summer he took home a bronze medal at the IMMAF World Championships in Las Vegas. 

Following the success of this, Cian is turning pro and joined us just days away from his professional MMA debut at BAMMA 29 in Birmingham. 

We spoke to Cian about the build up to his fight, his experience at the IMMAF Worlds, being a part of the McGregor training camp ahead of his redemption fight with Nate Diaz, what happened when Cian's car was robbed and of course, Cosmo the Bully. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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April 29, 2017 @ 8:38 pm

Chapter 96: The Lads


This week the lads have been left to their own devices and are guestless - which as usual results in childish giggles and ridiculous comments. 

This week Danny and Mero talk about the upcoming live show WTS100 - which is almost sold out - and the problem they've been having with the show. 

Football bans and The Lions tour also make the grade and the lads get a fit of the giggles. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

WTSpod is turning 100! To celebrate this milestone we are having a live show in aid of Suicide or Survive, Thursday May 18th, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Special guests on the night and tickets are on sale now www.wts100.eventbrite.ie 

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April 22, 2017 @ 9:20 pm

Chapter 95: Ruairí McKiernan


Ruairí McKiernan is an award winning social innovater from Cavan, Ireland. He has made incredible contributions across Irish society with his work on social justice, youth and communities and wellbeing. He is the founder of spunout.ie and the co-founder of uplift.ie. 

Ruairí has also been a key member of team Lust for Life and in 2012 President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, appointed him to the Council of State where he sits with fromer Presidents, Taoiseach, and other public figures.  

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more

WTSpod is turning 100! To celebrate this milestone we are having a live show in aid of Suicide or Survive, Thursday May 18th, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Special guests on the night and tickets are on sale now www.wts100.eventbrite.ie 

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April 15, 2017 @ 9:01 pm

Chapter 94: Ian Mahon


Every so often the lads like to invite friends of the Borough into the studio at Fitzpatrick Castle and solve the world's problems. 

This week Ian Mahon came to sit down and give us his take on how to look after everything inb the world, however, we got sidetracked early and often, solved nothing and instead ended up with Ian and Mero giving Danny a run through of how Tinder works. 

Mero discusses why he isn't looking for commitment and that if a girl can't take his unrivaled passion for RTE programming then she will never be the love of his life. 

As it's Easter we talk about easter eggs and comebacks that are better than Jesus. Mahoner tells us about his cat getting bullied and Mero gets the giggles as we try to finish the chapter which causes Danny and Mahoner to craic up. 

WTSpod is turning 100! To celebrate this milestone we are having a live show in aid of Suicide or Survive, Thursday May 18th, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Special guests on the night and tickets are on sale now https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/wts-100-the-live-show-in-aid-of-suicide-or-survive-tickets-33094401245 


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April 8, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

Chapter 93: Dr. Tom Clonan


This week the lads are joined by Dr. Tom Clonan - a retired Irish Army Captain who served on active duty both home and abroad. Tom is now a media lecturer and security analyist for some of Ireland's leading publications including The Irish Times.

He is the author of two best selling books (Blood, Sweat & Tears and Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy). Tom's research into sexual harrassment, assualt and bullying within the Irish Defence Forces led to an independant government enquiry. In 2003 the enquiry vindicated everything Tom had said and this led to a transformation of equality across the Irish Defence Forces. 

Dr. Clonan also campaigns for the equality of people with disabilities. His son, Eoghan, is a wheelchair user and has been the catalyst for his campaign and continues to be a source of inspiration in Tom's fight for equality. 

The lads spoke to Tom about the state of the world today. Lone wolf attacks, Syria and the Middle East, Russia v America - are we on a path to a global conflict? Where does Ireland fit in with all of this and are we safe from the threat of extremeists? 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

WTSpod is turning 100! To celebrate this milestone we are having a live show in aid of Suicide or Survive, Thursday May 18th, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Special guests on the night and tickets are on sale now https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/wts-100-the-live-show-in-aid-of-suicide-or-survive-tickets-33094401245 



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April 1, 2017 @ 9:45 pm

Chapter 92: Joe Cabray


It's Wrestlemania week so to mark the occassion we brought in one Ireland's brightest and best, Joe Cabray. 

With over a decade of experience in the wrestling industry Joe is currently one of the driving forces of the incredible Over The Top Wrestling. OTT has developed a massive following in Ireland and has brought a pro wrestling scene to the masses, evident in them selling out their flagship ScrapperMania show almost as soon as it went on sale. 

Joe has travelled the world with pro wrestling and rubbed shoulders with some true legends, including a lock in with Bret "The Hitman" Hart. He was one of the pioneers of the Irish wrestling scene and talks openly about his experience within the WWE performance center. 

You can catch more of Joe and his alter ego, Luther Ward, at upcoming OTT Wrestling shows nationwide. Check out www.ottwrestling.com for more. 

If you enjoyed this chapter of WTSpod be sure to check out chapter 27 with WWE superstar Finn Balor. 

WTSpod is turning 100! To celebrate this milestone we are having a live show in aid of Suicide or Survive, Thursday May 18th, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Special guests on the night and tickets are on sale now https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/wts-100-the-live-show-in-aid-of-suicide-or-survive-tickets-33094401245 


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March 25, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

Chapter 91: Col. Randall Larsen


Colonel Randall Larsen is a retired US Air Force Colonel and is the national security advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and a senior fellow at the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University.

He formerly served as a professor and department chair at the National War College, the founding director of the Institute for Homeland Security, the executive director of the bipartisan Congressional Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism.

The world seems a fragile place in 2017, political tensions are aired on the news, and twitter, everyday. There is no longer a balance of Superpowers, and attacks from small groups or individuals have become more frequent. So what if one of these attacks was carried out, but instead of guns or explosives, the weapon of choice was a biological weapon designed to infect as many people as possible? Is it a real threat or is it just a conspiracy - has anyone tried to do it before or will nature throw something at us before anyone can weaponise a disease? These are just some of the things Randy was able to tell us about. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrck Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 


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March 18, 2017 @ 9:44 pm

Chapter 90: PJ Gallagher


This week the lads are joined by one of Ireland's greatest messers, PJ Gallagher. 

PJ came to a lot of people's attention over 10 years ago thanks to his part on the much loved "Naked Camera" tv show. Since then he's gone on to be one of Ireland's favourite comedians and continues to be a leading light in the entertainment industry. 

From gicknas to manscaping, a pitbull named Sharon and how passionate is Damien Dempsey?, PJ had Mero & Danny sweatting with the laughter. 

You can hear PJ every weekday morning on 4fm from 6-10 as he hosts the breakfast show alongside Jim McCabe, he is also hosts the hilarious "Dubland" Podcast with Suzanne Kane which is available on iTunes now. 

His new tour "Dickhead" kicks off April 28th in Sligo with dates around Ireland to follow, follow @PJGallagher on twitter for full listings. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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March 11, 2017 @ 9:28 pm

Chapter 89: Mood Swings


This week the lads go from being jovial and happy, to angry and ranty, to having a full blown deep and meaningful conversation like a couple of teenage girls at a sleep over. 

The state of the nation has angered both the lads, the Tuam Mother & Baby home, Grace, and the treatment of Sgt. Maurice McCabe are just some of the issues that are plaguing Ireland right now. The lads question the motives of the Catholic Church and ask why are people continuing to baptise their children into a religion they don't believe in? 

Mero leads Danny into a deep and meaningful conversation he was not expecting and there is way too much singing. 


WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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March 5, 2017 @ 1:14 am

Chapter 88: Emmet Kirwan


This week the lads are joined by one of Ireland's modern treasures. Emmet Kirwan recently captured the hearts and minds of Ireland with his incredible poem "Heartbreak". The video that accompanied the poem has been viewed over 1.3 million times and has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook alone.

As one of the nation's most recognisable voices, Emmet has continually produced work that connects with the audience and evokes both emotion and thought. His work on the RTE series "Sarah and Steve", his performance of the poem "Just Saying", and most recently his award winning play "Dublin Old School" have all received highly positive reviews.
Ireland has produced some incredible artists throughout history, it was a pleasure speaking to one of the modern greats on this week's podcast.

is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, visit www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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February 26, 2017 @ 1:53 am

Chapter 87: Bray Comedy Festival


A special edition of the podcast this week as we took WTSpod on the road and travelled to Bray (Bré) for the 2017 Bray Comedy Festival. We caught up with some of the comedians who performed across the week including Chris Kent, Karl Spain, Danny O'Brien and friend of the show/comedy Don, Adam Burke. 

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February 18, 2017 @ 9:32 pm

Chapter 86: David Moore


David Moore is Ireland's best known astronomer. Having set up Astronomy Ireland in 1990, he has been gazing into space and looking beyond our own planet for over three decades. 

He has discussed space with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Sir Patrick Moore and now the two lads on WTSpod. You can learn more about the world beyond our world by going to www.astronomy.ie and joining the club. 

We also give details of our first ever live show which will take place on May 18th - first guests are announced and we'll give more details in the coming weeks including how you can be there. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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February 11, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

Chapter 85: Burt Watson


WE ROLLLLLIINNNNN!!!!! When it comes to boxing and MMA there is one man who has worked with the best of the best and and all the rest, Burt Watson. 

Burt Watson has been a coordinator/baby sitter to the stars for over 30 years and in that time he has worked with Smokin' Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe and in his 14 + years with the UFC he has worked with just about every fighter who has been talked about as a pound for pound best in the world. 

We talk to Burt about his life and times at the top of the fight game, where he got his start and his latest venture with Alliance MMA. 

But, before we got rollin with Burt we talked a little about a lot, including Mero making accusations about a rugby legend with no evidence or proof of it being true and Danny offers his more realistic reasoning on the matter. 

WTSpod is brought to by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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February 4, 2017 @ 10:30 pm

Chapter 84: Diamond Dallas Page


Diamond Dallas Page is a former pro wrestler and a three time Heavyweight Champion of the World. He has revolutionised the world of fitness with his DDP Yoga workouts. 

DDP has enjoyed success in and out of the wrestling ring and at age 60 he shows no signs of slowing down or taking a step back from the DDPY revolution. 

The DDPYoga Now app is available in the App store, Google Play store and online at www.ddpyoganow.com 

WTSpod is brought to you by the award winning Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel - check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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January 28, 2017 @ 10:23 pm

Chapter 83: Irvin Muchnick


This week Danny & Mero spoke to journalist and author, Irvin Muchnick, who is one of the world's best investigative journalists. 

The lads spoke to Irvin about George Gibney, the former Irish Olympic Swimming coach who is at the centre of a child sex abuse scandal that has rocked irish swimming for more than three decades. Since the mid 90's Gibney has lived in the USA under a cloud of suspicion and a desire from many to have him extradited to Ireland to face charges. 

Irvin has also worked extensively on pro wrestling stories, most notably the story involving Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino. Further to this Irv has also covered the infamously tragic story of the Benoit double murder suicide which shocked the world in 2007. 




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January 21, 2017 @ 10:47 pm

Chapter 82: Caroline McGuigan


This week we welcome Caroline McGuigan back to the podcast. Caroline is the founder and CEO of mental health charity Suicide or Survive.

When we originally spoke to Caroline way back on chapter 22, we were amazed by the response to her story - over a year later and we thought we would check in to see how Ireland is doing with mental health and for the usual waffle the lads provide - including Danny trying to talk about mad cow disease but knowing nothing about it. 

If you want to learn more about Suicide or Survive check out www.suicideorsurvive.ie or if you feel you need to talk to somebody, phone Samaratains on 116 123 - 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com 

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January 14, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

Chapter 81: The Retro Gamer, Naoise O’Hare


Nostalgia just aint what it used to be... except for when you're talking about computer games from your childhood. 

This week gaming guru and retro enthusiast Naoise O'Hare stopped by WTS towers in the beautiful surrounds of Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel to talk all things Gamer Con and all things retro gaming. 

Retro gaming has developed a massive following over the past few years as the worlds original home gamers seek out what brought them hours of entertainment as a kid. From Mario to Sonic, Duckhunt to Metal Gear Solid, Golden Axe to Street Fighter, we talk about all the classics and our favourites from down the years. 

Naoise will be manning the Retro Zone at the 2017 Gamer Con which takes place on March 18th and 19th in Dublin's Convention Center. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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January 6, 2017 @ 11:00 pm

Chapter 80: Wayne McCullough


This week we are joined by one of the most successful Irish boxers in History. 

Wayne McCullough is an Olympic Silver Medal winner and went on to become the WBC Bantamweight Champion of the world. 

We talked to The Pocket Rocket about his incredbile career and some of his favourite moments from his years in the ring. We also hear how he is looking to establish a stable of Irish fighters at his gym on the west coast of America, including reaching out to fellow Irish Olympians Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlon. 

Wayne talked about his love of The UFC and Mixed Martial Arts and how even at 46 he reckons he could take on current 125lb king pin, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. 

Wayne also gives his take on a certain Conor McGregor, including the much rumoured McGregor v Mayweather superfight. 

Remember to rate, review, subscribe and share if you like what you heard - WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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January 1, 2017 @ 12:00 am

Chapter 79: Gary Mackle


So long 2016, hello 2017. 

Friend of the podcast, Gary Mackle makes a welcome return to Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel and joins the lads for their review of 2016... kind of. 

We had great inentions of reviewing 2016 but as usual, tangents and rabbit holes get the better of the conversations. 


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December 24, 2016 @ 9:38 pm

Chapter 78: Davina Devine


This week we welcomed one of Ireland's most beloved drag acts to Fitzpatrick Castle to get a glimpse of life through the eyes of an all singing, all dancing entertainment sensation. 

Davina Devine has been performing nationally and internationally for over a decade. She is the resident Queen of Dublin's iconic gay bar "The George" and hosts her own night every Thursday. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours, thanks for listening. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

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December 17, 2016 @ 9:36 pm

Chapter 77: Paul Howard


This week the lads welcome friend of the show, Paul Howard to studio 9 in Fitzpatrick Castle. 

One of the most popular guests to ever feature on WTSpod, Paul is a multi award winning journalist and author who created the infamous and beloved, Ross O'Carroll Kelly. 

Paul's latest book "I read the news today, oh boy" is about the life and times of Tara Browne. A man who died at the age of 21 and yet led one of the most fascinating and incredible lives of any figure from the 20th century. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more

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December 10, 2016 @ 9:20 pm

Chapter 76: Jess Kelly


This week the lads bring WTSpod on tour and record part of the chapter in Danny's car and the other part in the company of journalist and broadcaster Jessica Kelly in Dublin's Newstalk FM. 

Jess has been with Newstalk radio for over 6 years now and is currently the technology correspondent for the station. She is a regular contributor to the Pat Kenny show and can be heard across all shows discussing the latest and best bits from the technology world. 

Special thanks to Jess and all in Newstalk for allowing us use their studio for recording this week. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 


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December 3, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

Chapter 75: Ronan Burtenshaw


Ronan Burtenshaw is a journalist, broadcaster political genius and Dail Researcher. He covers Ireland and Britain for Jacobin Magazine and has featured on Tonight with Vincent Browne. 

We talked to Ronan about Fidel Castro, Brexit, Trump and even Bertie this week as Ronan brings a bit of political nouce to two bewildered lads who like to think they know about important stuff but really would be better off talking about Attenborough shows again or that time Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed the NWO. 

We announce the winner of our Brock Lesnar competition and loads more besides. Hit that subscribe button where ever you listen and don't forget to rate, review and share. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel - check out www.fitzpatrickcastle.com

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November 26, 2016 @ 9:17 pm

Chapter 74: Adam Burke


Adam Burke is one Ireland's finest comedians. A native of Bray (Bré) Co. Wicklow he launched The Hardy Har comedy club 8 years ago and it has become a favourite amongst comedy fans and comedians.

He has played some of the best venues around the country and featured in comedy festivals that would make any joke writer blush, including launching the incredible Bray Comedy Festival which will run again in February 2017 for the third year running. 

Ontop of all this Adam has been known to dawn some spandex and boots between the ropes as professional wrestler. He has been in the squared circle with legends like Dan Severen, current WWE Smackdown Women's champion Becky Lynch and of course, fellow Bray man and friend of the show Finn Bálor. 

Be sure to check Adam's solo show "Adam Burke is Alive" on December 8th in the Hardy Har Comedy Club, Harbour Bar, Bray. 


WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel - www.FitzpatrickCastle.com

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November 19, 2016 @ 10:18 pm

Chapter 73: The Lads


This week on WTSpod, Danny & Mero change things up a bit. There's more Trump talk, Conor McGregor is the King of The World, Danny insults vegans and Mero is still talking about his new found celebrity status thanks to Tesco. 

All of this and loads more besides, including how you can get involved in our 2016 Christmas Special AND its competition time - You'll need to head over to our facebook and twitter pages for details on how you can. 

Don't forget to check out Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel and hit subscribe as you download. 

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November 12, 2016 @ 10:16 pm

Chapter 72: League of Ireland legend, Pat “Pajo” Flynn


Way back in chapter 9 we spoke to Borough legend Patrick "Pajo" Flynn. Over a year later and Pajo has called time on a football career that seen him play alongside some legends of the game in England before returning home to become a fan favourite (in most cases) with clubs across the country. 

Having laced up the boots for the last time as a pro, Pajo penned a heartfelt thank you letter to fans, friends, family and clubs from down the years which went viral and was shared thousands of times. A two time League of Ireland winner, a Setanta Cup winner and a Division 1 winner, Pajo will always be rememberd as a no nonsense player who gave everything he had. It was a pleasure to welcome him to Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel and congratulate him on wonderful career. 

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November 5, 2016 @ 9:58 pm

Chapter 71: Bruce Buffer & Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn


With UFC 205 just days away WTSpod sticks with tradition and brings you a special chapter ahead of Conor McGregor stepping into the Octagon once again. 

Dan 'The Beast' Severn is a true pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts. He is the only Triple Crown winner (UFC Tournament, Ultimate Ultimate and UFC Superfight) in the history of the organisation. He has a professional record with over 100 victories and enjoyed a spell with the WWF going toe to toe with wrestling greats such as The Rock, Owen Hart and The Godfather. Dan joined us over the phone and shared some stories from his incredible career. 

Through the magic of Skype we spoke to Bruce Buffer who is known to millions around the world as The Veteran Voice of the Octagon. He has become renowned as one of the greatest announcers of all time and has been there for almost every step of MMA's growth around the world. He is a world class poker player, a former pro kick boxer and a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Bruce also manages his brother, the legendary Michael Buffer and has his own podcast "It's Time!" available on iTunes. 

Check out www.brucebuffer.com for more, including how you can have your very own personalised Bruce Buffer introduction.   
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October 29, 2016 @ 9:50 pm

Chapter 70: Donal Fallon & Dublin’s hidden histories


This week on WTSpod the lads are joined by historian, author, broadcaster and League of Ireland fan, Donal Fallon. 

Donal is a regular contributor to Newstalk radio with his hidden history section and is one of the men behind the incredible blog, Come Here To Me. CHTM has fast become one of Ireland's favourite sources of history material and deals with the brilliant to bizarre. 

Body snatchers in Dublin graveyards, the city beneath the city, league of Ireland and Dublin pubs are just some of the topics covered this week as Donal guides us through some incredible stories of the nation's capital. 

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October 22, 2016 @ 9:15 pm

Chapter 69: Saskia Tidey


We last spoke to Saskia over a year ago when she was on the brink of qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

62 chapters and an Olympics later we caught up with, what is now, our favourite Olympian. 

We talk about life at the games, the Olympic Village, the return home and what comes next for one of Ireland's elite sailors.

Housekeeping is in full flow this week with zoo animals, Switzerland, David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer all coming up. 

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October 15, 2016 @ 9:11 pm

Chapter 68: Joanne McNally


This week on the award winning WTSpod we welcomed one of Ireland's brightest talents to Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. 

Joanne McNally is one of the current hosts of hit RTE comedy series "Republic of Telly" and is a regular on the radio waves also. She is a hugely popular comedienne and star of productions like Singlehood, Separated at Birth and most recently Bite Me. 

From shoplifting to fuel an eating disorder to approaching her biological father for the first time through Facebook pokes, Joanne is definitely one of the most interesting and entertaining guests we've had the pleasure of talking to so far. 

All of this and the lads have more documentary suggestions, congratulations are being dished out and Danny is back tracking on Trump. 

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October 8, 2016 @ 9:20 pm

Chapter 67: Man Flu


This week Danny has the dreaded man flu and Mero has to put up with his grumpy whinging. 

Listeners from abroad, Concussion, the death of Josh Samman, Danny's dislike of Gaelic Football, Mero recommends more documentaries to watch and Friday Night Lights turned 10 this past week. All this and more on this week's chapter. 

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October 1, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

Chapter 66: Those Conspiracy Guys


Paul Kelly and Gordon Rochford AKA Those Conspiracy Guys have gone from Ireland's best kept secret, to Ireland's leading independent podcast. 

Launched in 2014 and now in Season 4 of their insanely popular podcast, the two lads popped out to Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel in the heart of Killiney to catch up with Danny & Mero. Gordon of course has been a guest previously on WTSpod but with Paul along side him the conspiracies were flying like a UFO outside Area 51. 

Princess Diana, Big Foot, The Presidential Election, Zika Virus - these are just some of the many topics covered this week and if you want to hear more head over www.thoseconspiracyguys.com or check them out where ever you listen to podcasts. 
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September 24, 2016 @ 9:35 pm

Chapter 65: One Zero Con with Rob Hartnett


This week the lads welcomed Rob Hartnett to Fitzpatrick's Castle in a bid to learn more about the commercial side of sport. 

Rob Hartnett is the CEO of Sport for Business and one of the men behind the biggest sport and technology conference in Ireland this year, The One Zero Con, in Dublin's RDS. The One Zero Con takes place October 21st and key note speakers include Lance Armstrong, Sir Clive Woodward and Shane Lowry. 

Rob joins the lads around the 47 minute mark of the podcast but before Rob popped into the studio at Fitzpatrick's Danny and Mero went about solving some of life's great mysteries. Mysteries like where do sayings come from and is it true Adolf Hitler had a brother who roamed the streets of Dublin? 

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September 17, 2016 @ 10:12 pm

Chapter 64: Jason Brophy


This week the lads are joined by a man who is responsible for ushering in the golden age of style in the borough. Jason Brophy is the creative director of Men's Hair Co. - One of Dublin's most popular and beloved barbers.

Having spent the best part of a decade honing his skills and mastering the craft, Jay opened the doors of his first shop in 2014 as a one man show and now, less than two years later he has a second shop and an entire team leading the way in men's grooming. 

You can check out menshairco.ie for more and make an appointment with the lads in either Bray or Dun Laoghaire today. 
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September 10, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

Chapter 63: Aonghus Óg McAnally


This week the lads are joined by one of the nicest men in Irish entertainment and a third generation actor - the great Aonghus Óg McAnally. He is a third generation actor, following in the footsteps of his father Aonghus McAnally and his grandfather, the late, brilliant Ray McAnally. 

Aonghus has done it all in the acting world, from award winning performances treading the boards of international theatres, to starring on both the small screen and big screen. On top of all this he is the man behind Irish production company Rise and commentator for the amazing OTT Wrestling. 

We spoke to Aonghus about acting, wrestling, The Dublin Fringe Festival, Mother Teresa and a whole lot more... including the best Tinder story you will hear for a long time. 

Aonghus will be featuring in The Dublin Fringe Festival from September 21st-24th in the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar as he stars in the play, "Traitor". Follow @AonghusOg on Twitter for more. 
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September 3, 2016 @ 10:25 pm

Chapter 62: Dr. Cara Augustenborg


This week on the award winning WTSpod Danny & Mero had the pleasure of welcoming climate scientist, lecturer and current Chairperson of Friends of Earth Ireland, "The Verdant Yank", Dr. Cara Augustenborg. 

Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge facing humans in the history of our existence - and yet, there are still a number of people who dedicate time, money and energy to denying what 97% of scientists agree on.Its happening, and humans are the driving force. 

Climate Change is accelerating at an alarming rate with some predictions claiming that summers in the Arctic will be ice free within a few years, but sometimes the arguments can be very heavy and laden with technical talk that is mind bending. With that in mind Dr, Cara tries to simplify it all and look at the problem through the simple minds of two lads from Ballybrack that like spicebags and cans of fanta. 
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August 27, 2016 @ 10:14 pm

Chapter 61: Gary Mackle


The lads are joined by the esteemed force of Gary Mackle this week. A man with countless opinions and a beautiful mind. 

If WTSpod had an FAQ section the most popular question would be "When is yer man Mackle coming back on?" So with that question in mind we closed the N11 and had a Garda escort organised so Gary could make it to the beautiful surrounds of Fitzpatrick Castle. 

This week ranges from the serious to the silly and everything in between. Grown men in football jerseys, Voting for Donald Trump, Pat Hickey, and Danny has a biscuit club in work. 

On top of all this we give details of our upcoming chapter which will be broadcast on Facebook Live on August 30th. 
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August 20, 2016 @ 10:15 pm

Chapter 60: Paddy McKenna


This week on WTSpod we welcome the brilliant Paddy McKenna to Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel. 

A lot of people will remember Paddy as one half of the popular Weekenders show on RTE 2fm which he co-hosted for five years. He is also the editor of one of Ireland's most visited websites, Joe.ie. 

We spoke to Paddy about his work with Joe, parenthood, beer, Euro 2016, politics and more. As usual there's plenty of tangents, irreverent waffle, and Mero segways through the entire chapter. 
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August 17, 2016 @ 9:32 pm

Chapter 59: Bas Rutten


With UFC 202 on our doorstep we continue our tradition of a bonus chapter ahead of The Notorious Conor McGregor fighting. In the past we've brought you WTSpod from Vegas, Chael Sonnen and Mero in Vegas but this time we've out done all of that. 

Our guest this week is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three time King of Pancrase, a pioneer and legend of Mixed Martial Arts, the one and only Bas Rutten. 

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August 13, 2016 @ 9:36 pm

Chapter 58: Petesy Carroll

Petesy Carroll is Ireland and Europe's leading MMA journalist. His work features in multiple media outlets including The Daily Mirror, Newstalk Radio, Severe MMA, Talking Brawls Podcast and many others. He has been featured on Ariel Helwani's "The MMA Hour" and is popularly regarded as the best thing to come out of Blanchardstown since the Yankee Candle Store hit the Blanch shopping centre. 

After a bit of a visa problem stopped Petesy crossing the Liffey before, the lads finally got everything sorted and managed to smuggle him across the border of the Southside and into the beautiful surroundings of Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in the glorious seaside resort of Killiney. 

This week's topics include Petesy's start in journalism and some late night calls from The Notorious one himself, Conor McGregor. We look at McGregor V Diaz 2 and hear about friend of the show, Tony McGregor having a magical experience with David Copperfield. 

We talk about MMA in Ireland and the recent situation regarding regulation of MMA, the lads try to out do each other's segways and there's nearly a falling out over chicken wings. 
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