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The 600: Referendum Fatigue


Our Mini Podcast returns this week, Mero is over the referendum and Danny gets upset about rugby talk being interrupted. 

WTS 146 - Jay Lester


This week we welcomed Jay Lester to the podcast. Jay was aged just 15 when he took part in demonstration oppoising the introduction of water charges in November 2014 and later ended up arrested, questioned and put on trial. He was then convicted of falsely imprissoning then Tainaiste, Joan Burton, the only conviction handed out from that protest. 

Jay spent 3 years clearing his name and in December 2017 his appeal was successful and the conviction overturned. 


WTS 145 - Adrian Martin


Chef Adrian Martin is one of Ireland's leading chefs. At 26 he is one of the most recognised and celebrated chefs in Ireland thanks to his best selling cookbook, TV appearances and regular slots at festivals around the country. 

Having stared in a local kitchen as a teenager and working his way up to Michelin Star cuisine, Adrian's passion for food is obvious and his enthusiasm and energy are helping to educate children around Ireland on how to cook and eat well. You can try some of his delicious recipies for yourself by visiting his website www.chefadrian.ie 

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WTS 144 - Becky Lynch


WWE superstar Becky Lynch joined the lads for a chat about her life as one of the top professional wrestlers in the world today. 

Becky gives her thoughts on the Irish Wrestling scene, working with greats like Dusty Rhodes and there's the small matter of Ronda Rousey and the 4 Horsewomen of WWE... 

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WTS - The 600 - The Lazy One


The 600 is back, for 10 minutes of unrivaled glory... kind of. 

This week Danny was too lazy to set up music and decided to make sure the 600 was 600 seconds long 

Mero is excited about this week's guest and gives a few ideas for what to watch on d'telly. 

WTS 143 - PJ Gallagher


Our guest this week is the one and only PJ Gallagher. 

Besides being one of Ireland's favourite comedians, PJ is one half of the hugely successful Dubland podcast alongside the great Suzanne Kane. 

You can catch PJ on 4fm Monday - Friday on the breakfast show with Jim McCabe. 

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WTS 142 - Mairead Ronan


After 6 weeks off the lads are back behind a mic and loving life. 

This week we're joined by broadcaster and TV host, Mairead Ronan. Mairead is veteran of the airwaves having spent over 10 years in Today FM and played a key part in award winning radio shows. She is also a regular on our TV screens has host of Ireland's Fittest Family and travel show, Getaways. 

You can check out www.faro.ie for more of what Mairead gets up to. 

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WTS - The 600 - The Return


We're back... You're Welcome. 

WTS - The 600 XXVI


We have decided to retire young. 

Thanks for the cheese.

Catch ya's later. 

WTS 141 - Frankie Gaffney


This week we are joined by Trinity College lecturer, and writer Frankie Gaffney. In a wide ranging chat the goes from the Fortunestown Lidl incident to Shakespear, we spend an hour with one of Dublin's finest residents. 

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WTS - The 600 XXV


Our mini cast is back and it's not that mini this week. 

The 600 turned into the The 1080 this week as we went on for 18 minutes instead of the prescribed 10. This week, we celebrate International Women's Day by celebrating our favourite actresses and try to use one film to justify their selection as our favourite... Spoiler Alert: We're not very good at it.

There's also a little WTS easter egg for you to discover.... 

WTS 140 - Snowmageddon


The entire country of Ireland ground to a halt this week as Storm Emma and The Beast from the East swept over the island. 

This week's episode nearly got buried in the snow but thanks to the magic of the internet the lads were able to record a short podcast and discuss the events of the week, including the biggest news story of the year and why the snow is best thing that could have happened to Leo Vradkar. 

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WTS 139 - Chris Fields


Irish MMA star Chris Fields joins us ahead of his KSW 42 Fight on March 3rd. 

We talk a little MMA, Chris remembers his time in The Borough and we go off on tangents, Danny turns heel and Mero wants life in a socialist paradise. 

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WTS - The 600 XXIV


This week on our mini podcast we pick our favourite actors and try to justify our choice with one movie pick.

WTS 138 - Bray Comedy Fest


This week the lads brought the podcast on the road and returned to the Bray Comedy Festival where they caught up with their old friend Gordo from Those Conspiracy Guys. 

There were burgers, a cat, the coldest night ever, conspiracy chat and some confused memebers of the public. 

Thanks to Bray Comedy Festival and The Harbour Bar for inviting us back to the festival. If you missed the comedy festival you can catch live comedy every month in The Hardy Har Comedy Club, upstairs in the Harbour Bar. 

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WTS - The 600 XXIII


On our mini podcast this week the lads talk about their upcoming Workshop with friends of the show Suicide or Survive - you can come along and it's free of charge, check out our social media for full details. 

We also have officially launched our Patreon for anyone who wants to support us - go to www.patreon.com/wtspod 

On top of this Mero's wearing facemasks and Danny gets his toes painted. 

WTS 137 - Gary ‘The Love Doctor’ Mackle


Our love doctor Gary Mackle has joined us for Valentine's Day to heap love advise upon the world. 

From colourful farts, to being comfortable with yourself and spicing things up in the bed room, Gary has tips for everyone. He shares some of the problems people have sent in to his famed Arklow Gazette column and offers his take on how to find love in the modern world. 

Gary and Danny quiz Graham on his new love life and Danny confesses to Graham's Fair City appearance helping his love life. 

We also give our top songs for increasing the love this Valentine's Day. 

WTSpod and The Arklow Gazette take no responsibilty for any relationships ruined as a result of the advice contained in this podcast. Listener discretion is advised and we apologise for the childish giggling throughout.

WTS - The 600 XXII


We're back with another edition of our 10 minute tangents - The 600. 

This week Danny is mad impressed by Space X and Elon Musk, Mero can't wait for the new League of Ireland season and the lads have been listening to a new podcast. 

WTS 136 - George Foreman & Seán Sheehan


The legendary George Foreman joined us this week to tell us some of his favourite memories from an incredible career. From facing down Ali, to his comeback after a decade away from boxing. We hear about George's success outside the ring including the world famous grill and a little about the hit TV show 'Better Late Than Never.' George has a surprising take on what he wants to see from the future in boxing. 

Seán Sheehan also joins us to talk about the state of the UFC and the so called superfights. We talk Ronda Rousey in the WWE and call an early predictoon for Cormier v Stipe. 

You can check out Seán on The Severe MMA Podcast every week - www.severemma.com 

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WTS - The 600 XXI


Our mini podcast is back this week with 10 minutes of sheer audio bliss. 

This week animals have been in the news alot, including a talking orca that doesn't talk, and the Chinese are cloning monkeys now. 

WTS 135 - The Lads


With a last minute hiccup Danny & Mero were left guestless so had to improvise... which never goes well. 

The lads talk about bread and decide what the best burger in Dublin is, Danny doesn't know what a romcom is, Mero hates the oscars, Danny farts and we reveal the plans for our Valentine's special with a little help from an old friend... 

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WTS 134 - John Connors


This week we welcome back an old friend, John Connors. John last joined us 2016 and since then he has gone on to be a key part in the most successful Irish film of 2017, Cardboard Gangsters. 

In a wide ranging discussion, we talk to John about what's coming next for him, the bare knuckle boxing tradition for Travellers, John's feelings on history and we see if it's possible for three men to have a rational conversation on Repeal the 8th. 

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WTS - The 600 XX


Our 10 minute mini podcast returns this week as Danny rings an ususpecting Mero and gets the low down and what Mero has been doing this week. 

We also talk about drugs in sport and question if is ever acceptable for a sportstar to use drugs. 

WTS 133 - Dylan “The Nuke” Tuke


Dylan Tuke is one of Ireland's top MMA fighters. At just 21-years-old he is already one of the most recognised fighters in Europe and has just signed an exclusive 3-fight deal with Brave CF. 

Dylan spoke to us about his start in Mixed Martial Arts, turning pro, and what happens when "The Nuke" goes off. 

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WTS 132 - Michael Graham


And now for something completely different... 

In this special mid-week bonus podcast we are joined by Michael Graham to peek under the hood of Trump's America. Michael has decades of experience in politics and media and is the host of the "Michael in the Morning Podcast." 

An American republican who believes Donald Trump is an idiot, Michael still holds true to the conservative ideals that are associated with Republican Americans. Besides working in media, Michael has also been a political consultant and spent some time as a stand up comedian, working with names like Chris Rock, Jeff Foxworthy and Jerry Senfield. 

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