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WTS 217: Paul Howard & Gary Mackle

Our favourite friends and pillars of the podcast Gary & Paul join us for a catch up and to tell some stories. 

WTS 216: Mark Burke, The medical miracle

This week on WTSpod we're joined by Mark Burke, a Wicklow man who contracted Covid-19 in March and was given a less than 5% chance of surviving. Thanks to the incredible work of the nurses and doctors, combined with incredible support from family, friends and entire communities, Mark is still here today and was able to share his story. 

This week we also take some time to try and promote some local businesses that are near and dear to us. A few quid spent locally can make all the difference so please pop in and support your favourite local places. 

WTS 215: Petesy Carroll

This week we welcome back a dear friend of the podcast, Europe's top MMA journalist and co-host of The Bash podcast Petesy Carroll

Alongside his long-term partner in crime Niall McGrath, Petesy can be heard every week on The Bash which is available on all podcast providers. 

On this episode of WTSpod we talk about the impact of covid on media, the rise of conspiratorial views from MMA fighters, Conor McGregor, a fighters union, drugs in sport, triple cheeseburgers, and the greatest prank Mero ever pulled.


WTS 214: 20-4-20 Challenge with Eamonn Maloney & Mary O’Shea

This week we're joined by two of the participants in the Suicide or Survive 20-4-20 challenge. (Donate by visiting https://justgiving.com/campaign/20-4-20)

The aim of the 20-4-20 challenge is to get a group of 20 people of all ages & fitness levels to complete 20,000km & raise €20,000 between February and the 10th September (World Suicide Prevention Day ).

This breaks down to each individual completing 1000km & raising 1000, 1 a Km. The 1000km can be completed by walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing or crawling and all in aid of the brilliant SOS. 

Eamonn, who is based in Galway, shares his personal story and what led him to get involved in the brilliant initiative which is the brain child of John Blake. Mary, based in Tralee, came into the challenge in a totally different way but still with an incredible story and mind set. 

Visit https://suicideorsurvive.ie/ for more information on a great event and incredible charity. 

WTS 213: Philip O’Connor

Our man in Stolkholm Philip O'Connor is back on WTSpod. We talk Sweden's response to coronavirus and how they travelled the road less taken. Danny get's surprise Abba chats and Phil tells us about his project for the US Presidential election, "Outside it's America". 



WTS 212: Jarlath Regan

This week we're joined by the brilliant and uber-sound Jarlath Regan. 

Jarlath is a stand-up comedian and podcaster who is the voice (and brain) behind the incredible Irishman Abroad series. 

His new comedy special "Notions 11" is available to stream on Patreon now and you can check it out by visiting patreon.com/irishmanabroad


WTS 211: Joanne McNally

Joining us this week is the hilarious Joanne McNally.


One of our all time favourites, Joanne is making her third appearance on WTSpod to tell us all about life with COVID, the truth about travelling by sea, online dating, launching a new podcast with an old friend and loadsa craic in between. 


Unfortunately, thanks to coronavirus, live comedy is hard to come by these days, but when it's back make sure to get out to some gigs - especially if Joanne is involved. Until then, you'll have to settle for watching her be gas on Instagram. 



WTS 210: Femi Bankole

This week we're joined by Femi Bankole who is one of the people behind the brilliant social media movement Black and Irish

In the wake of George Floyd's murder and the surge of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Femi and his two friends Leon Diop and Boni Odoemene set up the Black and Irish instagram page to platform the experience of black people around Ireland. 

Femi tells us about the page and his experience of living in Ireland and what he hopes to change. 

This week's podcast also gives a nod to the great Jack Charlton who passed away last Friday. At a time where people need to stand together, Jack's legacy is one of bringing an entire country together through the magic of Euro 88, Italia 90 and USA 94. 

WTS 209: Gary Mackle

He's back. We have the legal team on notice. He's Dermot Bannon's nemesis and Shania Twain's alleged lover, he's Gary Mackle. 



WTS 208: Paul Whyte

Tipperary's newest author Paul Whyte joins us this week to tell us about his new book "Harrow the Boys". 

Paul tells us about how he started writing, where he gets inspiration and, given he shares his name with a WWE superstar, we of course ask him about 'rasslin. 


WTS 207: Anthony Flynn

This week the lads are joined by CEO and co-founder of Inner City Helping Homeless, Anthony Flynn. Anthony is also an independent councillor for Dublin Central and has a background in the Youth Community & voluntary sector. Anthony was appointed CEO of ICHH in 2019. 

At the time this episode goes live there are around 9,500 people homeless across Ireland. Over 3,000 of those are children. 

To support ICHH please go to https://ichh.ie/donate/

WTS 206: Lynn Ruane

Joining us during lockdown is independent Senator Lynn Ruane. She was first elected to Seanad Éireann in 2016 and was returned for a second term in 2020. In 2018 Lynn released her autobiography 'People like me'. 


This episode of WTSpod is dedicated to memory of Ray Clarke. 

WTS 205: Eric Lalor

The great and wonderful Eric Lalor joined us this week as we all continue to play our part in the lockdown. 

Eric is one of Ireland's favourite comedians and actors, known for lighting up stages and the streets of Carrigstown on RTÉ's Fair City. 

WTS 204: Donal Fallon

This week we're joined by the People's Historian and host of the brilliant Three Castles Burning Podcast, Donal Fallon. 

Donal has forgotten more about Dublin than most will ever know and specialises in social history - sharing the stories of the people behind the events. 

Wash the hands. Stay at home. 

WTS 203: Paul Howard & Gary Mackle

In the midst of a COVID-19 lockdown we turn to two comedic masterminds to share some laughs through Skype. 

Stay at home. Wash the hands. Much love. 

WTS 202: Tom O’Mahony

A global pandemic with people living in isolation? There's only one man to turn to, host of Buckshot Podcast and comedian, Tom O'Mahony. 

Tom gives his thoughts on the pandemic, lets us know what he's been up to and how he's surviving, Mero bails out when rugby gets brought up, and Tom tells us about his hard hitting 99-year-old grandad who takes no shit. 

Check out Buckshot Podcast to hear more of Tipperary's finest. 

Wash your hands. 

WTS 201: Paul Devaney

Paul Devaney is a Longford man who has been leading a challenge to scale the world's highest heights. The Seven Summits Challenge involves reaching the top of the highest mountain on every continent. To date, Paul has reached 6 of the 7 summits with only the biggest prize eluding him, Everest. 

Paul tells us his story including what happens when you're on the other side of the world and there's a family tragedy, his dedication to completing the 7 summits, and what happened on his previous two attempts to climb Everest. 

Check out www.irishsevensummits.com to learn more about Paul's story and what happens next. 

WTS 200 - Michael Conlan

This week we're joined by boxing legend Michael Conlan, who is currently in camp training for another headline bout a Madison Square Garden on St. Patrick's Day. 

A double Olympian and double Inter-Continental champion, Conlan is widely regarded as one of Ireland's greatest ever boxers. Mick chats to the lads about some of his career highlights, friendships - including how Paddy Barnes helped save Christmas, his passion for mental health advocacy and helping people, and what comes next. 

It was a pleasure for us to have Mick on the podcast, especially for a milestone episode like 200. 

We've loved the 5 years we've spent making this podcast, and we hope to continue as long as you keep listening. Thanks for listening and supporting two lads from Ballybrack who like to hear stories and laugh at each other's mistakes. 

WTS 199: Aoife Moore

General Election 2020 is in the books but the result has left more questions than answers. To help us with those questions we asked the wonderful Aoife Moore to join us and put a bit of manners on our (lack of) political knowledge. 

Much like Irish politics, chaos takes over and the result is a lot of giggles and Mero getting a new nickname. 

WTS 198: Paul Dollery

The42.ie journalist and writer Paul Dollery joins us on the podcast this week. 

Paul gives his take on the 2020 League of Ireland season, the state of Irish MMA and we take a little look at the Republic of Ireland national team's future. 


WTS 197: PJ Gallagher

The brilliant and hilarious PJ Gallagher returns to WTSpod this week. You can get more of PJ on the Dubland podcast alongside Suzanne Kane and every weekday morning on Classic Hits Radio with Jim McCabe. 


This episode of WTSpod was brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more. 

WTS 196: Jack Byrne

Jack Byrne is a professional Irish footballer currently playing with Shamrock Rovers and the Republic of Ireland national team. At the age of 15 Byrne signed with Manchester City and moved to England to pursue the dream of most teenage boys. Jack tells us about his time in England and the decisions that led him back to Ireland and winning his first international cap. 


This episode of WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, go to www.fitzpatrickcastle.com for more.  

WTS 195: Philip O’Connor

Our Man in Stockholm, the great Philip O'Connor joins us on the podcast this week as we give a little nod to the great Gay Byrne and acknowledge the first FAI Cup win for Shamrock Rovers since before Danny was born. 

Phil shares some advice Gay once gave him, which he didn't listen to, and we get into the nitty gritty of journalism and why you need to know where you get your news from. 

Check out some of the brilliant work Phil is producing over at Our Man in Stockholm.

WTS 194: Ewan MacKenna

The great and powerful Ewan MacKenna makes his return to WTSpod and it's a joy as always. In a chat that includes Irish rugby, drugs in sport, Conor McGregor, and words of wisdom from the late great George Carlin - Ewan never disappoints. 


WTS 193: Reunited at last

After a little break, the lads return from travels and tribulations to the warm embrace of WTSpod's controversial comrade, Gary Mackle. 

Over the years, there has been a swell in the demand for Gary to be a permanent fixture of the WTS line-up, and there has been an almost equal demand for Gary to be shot into the centre of the sun and never heard from again... we don't have the technology to do that, but we do have the technology to have him on the podcast regularly so we'll go with that.  

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