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Chapter 47: Dave Coffey, What’s the Story?


This week Danny & Mero welcome yet another Borough legend to the award winning Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. 

Dave Coffey is a name you may not be overly familiar with but you will definitely have seen his work over the past 10 years. Back in 2007 Dave brought a young couple called Dan & Becs to Irish screens and since then we've been treated to more of his ideas in the form of Sarah & Steve, The Commute and Fade Street. 

We talked to Dave about the process of TV writing and where his ideas came from as well as projects that don't make it to the small screen - including Peter Kay pipping Dave to a big UK deal. 

Besides the TV craic Dave is also a big fan of pro wrestling, much like the lads are so it was inevitable that we would end up talking about men in tights and all things rasslin'. 

Housekeeping this weeks talks about Danny guarding Derren Brown's secrets, Mero asks about Danny's social media rants and we look at how Mero and Louis Van Gall have something in common.  

Chapter 46: North Korea, What’s the Story?


This week on the award winning WTSpod Danny & Mero welcome author and film producer, Paul Fischer, to the podcast to discuss the maddest country on the planet, North Korea. 

Paul's book "A Kim Jong Il Production: The extraordinary true story of a kidnapped film maker, his star actress and a young dictators rise to fame." documents the story of a set of daring kidnappings by the secretive state all in a bid to create some block buster movies in the name of North Korea. 

The story of Choi Eun Hee, South Korea's most famous actress and her ex-husband, Shin Sang-OK has become the stuff of legend. Even today some people in South Korea don't believe it happened, and Paul explains the lengths he had to go to to convince Choi to meet him as she feared the North trying to take her once again. 

From talking about the story in a pub to actually visiting the isolated country and being a tourist in Pyongyang, Paul Fischer's story and book can't be missed. 

On top of this we have Mero talking about his recent experience of Darkness into Light and Danny has been trying to get Mero on First Dates Ireland. 

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Chapter 45: Fitzpatrick’s Castle, What’s the story?


This week the award winning WTSpod is bringing you the history of the award winning Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel.

Killiney Castle has stood, overlooking Dublin since the 1700's and is steeped in history, no more so than the last 45 years under the guidance and ownership of the Fitzpatrick Family. 

Owner and CEO, Eithne Fitzpatrick Scott-Lennon and her son, Mark Scott-Lennon joined us to give us an idea of what its like running one of Ireland's most famous hotels and the stories behind it. A true family business, Mark Scott-Lennon is the third generation of the Fitzpatrick family to be heavily involved with Killiney Castle. 

Both Mark and Eithne share stories of what makes the castle great, but also give an idea of how hard the hotel business can be, especially when that hotel just happens to be from the 18th century. 

Danny& Mero give you a history of the castle until the Fitzpatrick family took it over and turned into an award winning establishment that has played a part in the lives of thousands of people around the borough and beyond. 

From being a part of a rich country estate, to sheriffs, judges and involvement of the British Monarch, Killiney Castle has withstood everything that has been thrown at it, including the IRA and Black & Tans. 

On top of this, the lads talk about underdogs and great sporting moments following the fairytale of Leicester City winning the Premiership. 

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel is celebrating 45 years in business and you can find out more about that at www.fitzpatrickcastle.com 

Chapter 44: Eurovision, What’s the Story?


It's the Eurovision extravaganza on WTSpod this week as we welcome Eurovision 1994 winner Charlie McGettigan and journalist / Eurovision expert Brian O'Reilly to Fitzpatrick's Castle for chapter 44.  Mero was reluctant to be involved in this chapter and Danny had to clamp his wheels to stop him leaving the studio. 

Along with Paul Harrington, Charlie McGettigan is etched into Eurovision history with the song Rock 'n' Roll Kids. The song completed a historic three in a row for Ireland, a feat which has never been matched by any country in the Eurovision. We heard how Charlie and Paul came together and what life was like after winning the biggest song contest on the planet. From tea with the Taoiseach to jetting around Europe and the curious incident of the underpants and the BBC, there were some great stories from the last 22 years being shared. 

Brian O'Reilly is the Social Media & Community editor with Independent.ie as well as Eurovision guru. From Sweden's selection process to a beef with Ireland's 1992 winner, Linda Martin, Brian is a man who knows all there is to know about the annual spectacle. Brian and Danny discuss their favourites from down the years and try convince Mero (and probably you) that Eurovision is quite simply, a way of life. We also talk about betting on the Eurovision and give our tips. 

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