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Chapter 56: The lads


This week its just Danny & Mero and an entire chapter of housekeeping. After 14 weeks of inviting people to the beautiful surroundings of Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel the lads decided it would be nice to spend some quality time together and get back to basics... Except it starts frosty as Mero is giving Danny the silent treatment. 

The lads eventually sort out their lovers quarrel and talk drugs in sport again as the Olympics is just around the corner and Danny gives his list of unlikely Olympic Heroes - including a swimmer who had only taken up swimming 12 weeks before the Olympic games. 

Mero looks forward to the Paralympic games and then goes on a rant about people who are idiots. 

All of this and loads more besides! We've also been longlisted for two awards in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 but more on that next week. 

Chapter 55: Al Foran


This week on the award winning WTSpod we're joined by one Ireland's fastest rising stars. Al Foran is an internet sensation and has been setting celebrities alight with his impressions. 

From Robert de Niro to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, from Mark Wahlberg to Stone Cold Steve Austin, from Eddie Murphy to The Notorious Conor McGregor - Al's impressions cover a globe of sports stars, movie stars, entertainers and more. 
His videos have received millions of views and there's no telling just how big his act could get as he continues to incorporate new people to his routine, including Jay-Z, Joe Rogan and Martin O'Neil. 

The lads spoke to Al about how he started out doing impressions and where he wants to go with them. Celebrating Ireland goals, McGregor knockouts and a love of wrestling all play a part in this week's chapter. And of course, we hear from all the names above and some more, including the Donald. 

WTSpod is brought to you by Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney, Dublin. 

Chapter 54: Lindsey Doyle


It's a family reunion on this week's WTSpod as we welcome one time host of the podcast, Lindsey Doyle to Fitzpatrick Castle. 

It's been six months since Lindsey moved on to pastures new so the lads figured it would be great to catch up with the woman who made them homeless.A lot has changed in those months,including the news that Lindsey is pregnant! 

We talk pregnancy issues, get an update on Lindsey's workings with the SBGi crew including UFC fighter Aisling Daly and future superstar Dylan Tuke. The lads talk OJ Simpson, The Stanford Rape case and Lindsey tells us about the time she knocked a bloke out for touching her. 

On top of this Danny & Lindsey trade stories of how they wet themselves and loads more besides. 

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Chapter 53: Dave Hannigan on Muhammad Ali


On June 3rd 2016 we said goodbye to arguably the greatest sports star ever, Muhammad Ali. A three time World Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medal winner, Muhammad Ali started life as Cassius Clay. Growing up in Louiseville, Kentucky, Clay had his bike stolen at the age of 12 and vowed to "whup that theif". The police officer who had the stolen bike reported to him told Clay he better learn how to "whup" somebody and take up boxing. The rest is history. 

Dave Hannigan is an Irish writer, journalist and professor based in New York. He has a weekly column that appears in Thursday's Irish Times and his upcoming book "Drama in the Bahamas: Muhammad Ali's last fight" documents the strange and fascinating case of Ali's last ever boxing match in December 1981. 
Through interviews with many of those involved, he discovers exactly how and why, a few weeks short of his fortieth birthday, a seriously diminished Ali stepped through the ropes one more time to get beaten up by Trevor Berbick. 

This is not Dave's first book on Ali, in 2012 "The Big Fight" was released and it tells the brilliant story of how a Kerry circus performer brought Ali to fight in Croke Park. Almost 34 years to day since Ali took on Al "Blue" Lewis in Dublin, on his way to taking back the Heavyweight crown, we hear about that fight and the circumstances around it from Dave who knows all there is to know about Ireland being a footnote in the career of the greatest of all time. 

All of this and loads more besides...

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Chapter 52: Cian Cowley, What’s the Story?


Way back on chapter 10 of WTSpod Cian Cowley joined the lads and proved to be one of the most popular guests they've had. At the time Cian had just started with SBGi and was tipping his toe in the MMA world - now 10 months later, he is heading to Las Vegas to compete in the IMMAF World Championships. 

The World Championships take place during the UFC's International Fight Week as part of the Fan Expo and will receive world wide attention from media. The lads talk to Cian about his hopes for the Worlds and what he thinks of UFC 200. 

We hear how things have been going for him under the watchful eye of legendary coach, John Kavanagh, and what its like to be training with some of the best MMA fighters in the world, including UFC Featherweight Champion, The Notorious Conor McGregor. 

Cian talks about his Thai Boxing gym, Warriors, and the young hopefuls coming through the ranks there as well as describing the feelings he had after losing in his MMA debut at BAMMA earlier this year and his optimism for turning pro. 

On top of all this the lads give their predictions for UFC 200 as Danny jets off to Vegas and tells us about the best €3 he has ever spent. 

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