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Chapter 83: Irvin Muchnick


This week Danny & Mero spoke to journalist and author, Irvin Muchnick, who is one of the world's best investigative journalists. 

The lads spoke to Irvin about George Gibney, the former Irish Olympic Swimming coach who is at the centre of a child sex abuse scandal that has rocked irish swimming for more than three decades. Since the mid 90's Gibney has lived in the USA under a cloud of suspicion and a desire from many to have him extradited to Ireland to face charges. 

Irvin has also worked extensively on pro wrestling stories, most notably the story involving Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino. Further to this Irv has also covered the infamously tragic story of the Benoit double murder suicide which shocked the world in 2007. 




Chapter 82: Caroline McGuigan


This week we welcome Caroline McGuigan back to the podcast. Caroline is the founder and CEO of mental health charity Suicide or Survive.

When we originally spoke to Caroline way back on chapter 22, we were amazed by the response to her story - over a year later and we thought we would check in to see how Ireland is doing with mental health and for the usual waffle the lads provide - including Danny trying to talk about mad cow disease but knowing nothing about it. 

If you want to learn more about Suicide or Survive check out www.suicideorsurvive.ie or if you feel you need to talk to somebody, phone Samaratains on 116 123 - 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week. 

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Chapter 81: The Retro Gamer, Naoise O’Hare


Nostalgia just aint what it used to be... except for when you're talking about computer games from your childhood. 

This week gaming guru and retro enthusiast Naoise O'Hare stopped by WTS towers in the beautiful surrounds of Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel to talk all things Gamer Con and all things retro gaming. 

Retro gaming has developed a massive following over the past few years as the worlds original home gamers seek out what brought them hours of entertainment as a kid. From Mario to Sonic, Duckhunt to Metal Gear Solid, Golden Axe to Street Fighter, we talk about all the classics and our favourites from down the years. 

Naoise will be manning the Retro Zone at the 2017 Gamer Con which takes place on March 18th and 19th in Dublin's Convention Center. 

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Chapter 80: Wayne McCullough


This week we are joined by one of the most successful Irish boxers in History. 

Wayne McCullough is an Olympic Silver Medal winner and went on to become the WBC Bantamweight Champion of the world. 

We talked to The Pocket Rocket about his incredbile career and some of his favourite moments from his years in the ring. We also hear how he is looking to establish a stable of Irish fighters at his gym on the west coast of America, including reaching out to fellow Irish Olympians Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlon. 

Wayne talked about his love of The UFC and Mixed Martial Arts and how even at 46 he reckons he could take on current 125lb king pin, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. 

Wayne also gives his take on a certain Conor McGregor, including the much rumoured McGregor v Mayweather superfight. 

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Chapter 79: Gary Mackle


So long 2016, hello 2017. 

Friend of the podcast, Gary Mackle makes a welcome return to Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel and joins the lads for their review of 2016... kind of. 

We had great inentions of reviewing 2016 but as usual, tangents and rabbit holes get the better of the conversations.