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WTS 109 - The Lads


It's been a while since Danny & Mero just sat down together and had a chat so this week they correct that. Mero tries accents, the lads talk about Spanish students coming to Ireland and the Liverpool football star who hung around the tunnell at Tesco Ballybrack. 

There's talk of the cringe factor in football today as clubs try to embrace social media to announce players coming and going - Liverpool and Chelsea in particular. Danny hates football fans and Mero can't wait for Danny to go on holiday so he can takeover the WTS twitter account. 

The lads also show how current they are by talking about the Mayweather McGregor press tour two weeks after it happened. There's also news of a new WTS venture so you can get even more of the multi award winning podcast...

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WTS 108 - Mark O’Connor


This week we welcome back an old friend in director and writer, Mark O'Connor. When we spoke to Mark in 2016 (chapter 48) and John Connors (Chapter 43) we heard about a project called "Cardboard Gangsters". Fastforward to today and Cardboard Gangsters is the highest grossing Irish film of 2017 and is entering its 6th week in Cinemas across the country. 

Mark tells us about the project and what goes into producing a film like this. We hear of his admiration for John Connors who he co-wrote the movie with and for those listening overseas Mark gives an update on an international release. 

Of course there's the usual chat and waffle from the lads and Mark gives his prediction for Mayweather McGregor. 

Cardboard Gangsters in cinemas across Ireland now, check local listings, head along and support Irish Film. 

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WTS 107: Damian Darker


Damian Darker is an Elite Martial Arts athlete, a professional kickboxer, a personal trainer, an all round gent and of course, a Borough legend. 

Besides just having the craic we spoke to Damo about his highlight reel knockout which went viral and put his name on everyone's lips in Irish K1. Damo talks about turning professional in Ireland, the difficulty in finding opponents and even when he does find them, the difficulty in finding one who treats the sport professionally. 

We hear about his new business venture, The Lab, which he runs with with BJJ ace, Austin Rhatigan, and a name that will be familiar to longtime listeners of WTSpod - Lindsey "Danger" Doyle. 

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WTS 106 - Al Foran


This week the lads set up camp in Ballybrack's Igo Inn and welcomed back one of their favourite guests, Al Foran. 

It's been an incredible year for Al which has seen his stock rise internationally with his videos racking up millions of views, and a memorable encounter with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. 

Al's impressions have earned him a massive following and he brought them to table when he sat down with us, including Gordon Ramsay, President Trump, Jeff Stelling, Wayne Rooney, Tyson Furey and of course The Notorious Conor McGregor. 

Later this year Al will be hitting the stage with his brand new one man show, be sure to follow him on Facebook to keep up to date. www.facebook.com/alforancomedy 

WTS 105 - Colm Hayes


Colm Hayes is an award winning broadcaster and mental health advocate. He was recently announced as the new Programme Director for Radio Nova and has been involved in Irish radio since the 1980s.

Colm is regarded as one of the thought leaders in Irish Broadcasting, his work with FM104, particularly with the Strawberry Alarm Clock, established them as Dublin's leading radio station. Colm has also enjoyed success with the national broadcaster, RTE. 

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