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Danny Murray

January 30, 2016

Danny Murray is a 28-year-old man child. An unremarkable youth, he excelled in little and averaged in everything…except algebra, he failed miserably with algebra.

Danny holds a degree in History and Classical Studies as well as a Master’s degree in journalism. At the age of 25, despite having never played professional rugby, Danny announced his retirement from the sport in order to give young up and coming talent “a fair chance.”

Danny’s story is one of battling the bulge and bidding to go from 200kg to a weight and size that is more acceptable to strangers that have to sit next to him on long haul flights. His right knee is made of polystyrene and his favourite hobby is telling people about how his knee exploded. He is an avid sports fan and is petrified of wasps. 

Danny lives in Dublin,Ireland with his walrus shaped Labrador named Cleo and is a season ticket holder to Leinster Rugby.