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WTS 231: Paul Howard & Gary Mackle

March 17, 2021

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It's St. Patrick's Day and to mark the occasion we decided to get the band back together. Gary Mackle and Paul Howard have become firm fan favourites with our listeners over the years. Paul is a best selling author and a highly respected journalist. Gary is an agony aunt, raconteur, philanthropist, entertainer and award winning designer. 

This week we help you build a playlist of great power ballads and cracking cover versions. Gary tells us about the time his arse was compared to a global rockstar's, Paul reveals a dislike for Ed Sheeran, Cheltenham and even Paddy's Day. The lads share war stories from recent trips to the supermarket while Gary gives us some much needed interior design advice and tell us about the time he had to turn down the offer of coordinating a wedding...