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WTS 254: Nicky Woolf

December 11, 2021

This week we are joined by Nicky Woolf, a journalist and the man behind the Audible podcast, Finding Q: My journey into QAnon. 

Nicky is a QAnon expert, and his Finding Q podcast brings you through the start of this internet madhouse right to modern-day. The anonymous internet prophet known only as Q, has taken people in from all over the world.

This cult conspiracy with little to no truth in any of its bluster resulted in thousands of Americans storming their nation's Capitol on January 6 2021 - spurred on by then-president Donald Trump and others. But do Trump and his ilk actually believe in Q too, or do they see it as nothing more than a convenient tool that brings them more support? 

We chat to Nicky about his journey into the Q madhouse and his interactions with some of its most important players and those who have lost so much to QAnon. 

To discover the truth about this conspiracy and who may be behind 'Q', head over to Audible and subscribe to Finding Q: My Journey into QAnon.