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Chapter 30: Story with Lindsey’s farewell?


This week on What's the Story podcast, all the emotions are flowing as Lindsey announces that she will be departing WTSpod Towers for the foreseeable future. 

Despite being punched right in the feels, Danny & Mero soldier on to ensure Lindsey doesn't leave on bad terms and most importantly, that she doesn't leave without trying the famous spice bag. Did she like it? Did she hate it? Did she lob a load of curry sauce on it and ask for more? 
Besides the spice bag we hear about what's next for Lindsey as she prepares for her upcoming MMA fight in Belfast. We look at the US Presidential election and weigh up the Donald Trump factor. Danny attempts to explain the US presidential voting system and is probably way off the mark. 
We talk more documentaries with topics such as Crutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD) and Kuru and are cows the main reason global warming is running amok? 
Lindsey brings up the "Alive" scenario and asks if we would eat each other to stay alive. Danny talks about the time he interviewed former Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern and was left with egg on his face. 
Graham brings up the idea that impending general election in Ireland may not take place at the end of February because of the 6 Nations and Danny does everything he can to rubbish it. 
The concussion topic comes back again as the lads look at the Johnny Sexton issue and concussion in sport.
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Chapter 29: Mark Baker, What’s the Story?


Mark Baker is one of the world's leading portrait artists. He is renowned in Ireland in for his signature "in 3" paintings and has had is work displayed in international galleries. 

From Dave Grohl to Johnny Cash, George Best to Brian O'Driscoll and Katie Taylor to Connor McGregor - Mark has painted and drawn famous faces from all parts of the celebrity world including Academy Award winners Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis. He even includes United States President Barack Obama amongst those who have a Baker original hanging in their home. 
We spoke to Mark about his artwork, how he got started and how he decides on who he will put on canvass next. He tells us about his upcoming projects and some of his work that was robbed after appearing at an exhibition in an airport. 
There's also talk of the Oscars and diversity, Lindsey gives advise on the paleo diet, Danny is trying to coin phrases and getting called out on it and Mero has trouble picking an upbeat song as the lads put together their "Monday morning songs". We have a Mark Baker print to give away and details are on our facebook page -Facebook.com/WTSpodIreland and there's also the curious incident of Richard Gere and the gerbill... 
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Chapter 28: Conspiracy Theories, What’s the Story?


This week on What's the Story? we break out the tinfoil hats and divert to a secret location as we talk conspiracy theories. Our guest is the brilliant and hilarious Gordon Rochford from the iTunes "Best of 2015" podcast, "Those Conspiracy Guys". 

We had a return to house keeping this week after a brief hiatus where Danny tells jokes, Lindsey asks about UFC 197, Mero talks Louis Theroux with Gordon and we briefly pay tribute to Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. 
Gordon then gives us an insight into the world of conspiracies where we talk about Madeline McCann and if there is more to the missing girl's story than meets the eye? Why were Kate and Gerry McCann named as suspects? Who or what is the "Tapas 9"? Are there unfounded allegations against the McCanns or is there something more sinister?
We also talk Werewolves, Santa Clause and Bigfoot before moving onto some of the biggest conspiracies out there, September 11 and the assassination of the US President, John F. Kennedy. 
All of this and we barely scratched the surface! You can learn more and hear all the details on these, and many other conspiracies, on Those Conspiracy Guys' Podcast available on iTunes or on their website www.thoseconspiracyguys.com 

Chapter 27: Finn Bálor, What’s the Story?


Recently voted the best Irish Podcast of 2015 by Geek Ireland, What's the Story? have started the year with bang. When you win an award such as Best Irish Podcast you need to present something else that shows the best of Ireland and our guest this week does just that. 

Fergal Devitt is one of Ireland's finest exports and recognised as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today. He is currently the WWE NXT Champion under the guise of Finn Bálor. The name derives from two legendary Irish mythical characters, Fionn Mac Cumhall and Bálor, the cyclopse who would cause destruction whenever he opened his one eye. 
Fergal took time out of the holiday season to come sit with us in the legendary Elite Gym to tell us about his career to date and some tales from the road. From growing up in Bray, Co. Wicklow to becoming a hero in Japan. From the early days and regular jobs to sold out arenas around the world entertaining thousands of fans with his exciting brand of lightening quick moves, high flying displays and vicious submissions. 
Having won all there was to win in Japan and being the leader of the (in)famous Bullet Club, Prince Devitt as he was known to his fans left Japan in search of a new challenge. He'd find that challenge in the form of the biggest sports entertainment brand out there, WWE. 
Debuting as Finn Bálor, he was an instant hit with the fans and has gone on to become one of the favourite wrestlers on the WWE NXT roster. We hear all about his rise to NXT gold and a few tales from behind the curtain too... including one the best Stone Cold Steve Austin impressions you'll hear this side of the Atlantic. 
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Chapter 26: Tim Pat Coogan & The 1916 Rising


2016 marks the centenary celebrations of a defining moment in Irish history. On Easter Monday, April 24 1916, a number of Irish men & women staged an armed rebellion against the British rule of Ireland. While ultimately The Rising ended in failure and the unconditional surrender of the Irish forces, it acted as a catalyst for future momentum in Irish freedom. Over 460 people were killed, including the executions of  all leaders of The Rising. 

Tim Pat Coogan is one of Ireland's leading historians and best selling authors. He has published a number of books on Irish history including biographies of Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera but also The Irish Famine, The Troubles in Northern Ireland and The H-Blocks, Irish diaspora, The IRA and many others.
As we enter the 100th anniversary of 1916 Rising we decided we would talk to someone who has a tangible link to the past, Tim Pat gave us a detailed insight into the conditions for The Rising to take place. From Daniel O'Connell and Catholic emancipation to Charles Stewart Parnell and Home Rule. From the outbreak of World War 1 to the Irish in America.Explaining the lead up to Easter weekend 1916, Tim Pat also breaks down events of The Rising itself and talks about particular aspects of the surrender and executions of the leaders. 
His latest book, 1916 The mornings after documents these events in greater detail and is available to buy online and in book stores now.