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Chapter 29: Mark Baker, What’s the Story?

January 23, 2016

Mark Baker is one of the world's leading portrait artists. He is renowned in Ireland in for his signature "in 3" paintings and has had is work displayed in international galleries. 

From Dave Grohl to Johnny Cash, George Best to Brian O'Driscoll and Katie Taylor to Connor McGregor - Mark has painted and drawn famous faces from all parts of the celebrity world including Academy Award winners Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis. He even includes United States President Barack Obama amongst those who have a Baker original hanging in their home. 
We spoke to Mark about his artwork, how he got started and how he decides on who he will put on canvass next. He tells us about his upcoming projects and some of his work that was robbed after appearing at an exhibition in an airport. 
There's also talk of the Oscars and diversity, Lindsey gives advise on the paleo diet, Danny is trying to coin phrases and getting called out on it and Mero has trouble picking an upbeat song as the lads put together their "Monday morning songs". We have a Mark Baker print to give away and details are on our facebook page -Facebook.com/WTSpodIreland and there's also the curious incident of Richard Gere and the gerbill... 
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