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WTS 221: Mel D. Cole

November 28, 2020

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This week we are joined by New York based photographer Mel D. Cole. 

Mel took time from his Thanksgiving celebrations to chat to us about life behind the lens as one of the most exciting photographers in the world today. Mel has captured a who's who of hip hop artists from Kanye to Kid Cudi, Beyonce to Rihanna and everyone in between. 

His book, Great: Photographs of Hip Hop 2002 - 2019 was published in earlier this year and is available to buy now. 

More recently, he has launched Charcoal Pitch FC. The first Black owned sports photography agency dedicated to creatively exploring soccer/football visually. 

Throughout 2020 Mel has been taking photos and documenting the Black Lives Matter protests and the reaction to the US Presidential election which saw supporters of both candidates take to the streets as results came out. You can see all of this and more on Mel's Instagram.